Pet Supplies

Top-Quality Products for Your Loyal Companions

At Nicks “N” Dents - Groceries, Home Goods, & Pet Supplies, we understand how wonderful it is to be a pet owner. We also recognize that the products you buy for your furry friends take a large portion out of your monthly budget. If you often find yourself settling for cheap pet supplies that are of low quality, go to our store in Jacksonville, NC instead.

We Guarantee that a savings of 50% on any product in our pet department!  


Our Products Include:



Brands We Carry:

Avo Derm, Diamond,  Naturual Balance, Iams, Premium Edge, Grain Fress Pure Fields, Live Free, Purina, Wild Calling, Pedigree, 

Whiskas, Natures Logic, Divine Duos, Tru Food, Max Cat, Innova, Meow Mix, Under the Sun, Paws, Holistic Select

Dog and Cat Food at Half the Price or Less!

At any given time, we guarantee that the cost of our cat and dog food is at least 50% lower than the lowest prices in the area. That’s how committed we are to offering you the most affordable pet supplies on the market!

Let us know if you have any questions about the pet products we sell. Email your inquiries to us today! We look forward to hearing from you soon.